Dress Standards

Whilst it is acknowledged that evolving fashions make complete guidelines impractical, our prime objective remains unchanged – that the standard of dress on the course and in the Clubhouse reflects the status and dignity of The Western Australian Golf Club.

All patrons of the Club are advised to dress in good taste at all times so as to maintain the dignity of the game of golf and Club standards. To prevent any embarrassment to themselves or others, patrons are asked to observe the following requirements that are regarded as the minimum acceptable standards.

Short term visits to the Club
It is not necessary for patrons to strictly adhere to the Club’s dress standard when visiting the Club for a short period (i.e. 5-10 minutes) to do business with the office or Golf Shop, access the locker room or to collect equipment from the locker room or buggy storage. In these events, the dress standard will be relaxed to a degree but will continue to disallow rubber thongs, board shorts, surf wear and singlets. This relaxation does not at any stage extend to entry to the Clubhouse, course or practice facilities and access to the locker rooms must be via the external doors.

Children under 12 years
It is expected that children are dressed in neat and casual attire and wearing shoes at all times.